About Us


RKK Enterprise Limited is one of the UK's leading Wholesaler and Distributor of daily non-food consumables. RKK Enterprise, established in 2009 is nationwide wholesalers and distributors of batteries and smoking accessories as well as toiletries, medicines and other consumable goods including many household goods.

We are engaged in importing and exporting Smoking Sets, smoking pipes, tobacco smoking pipes, handcrafts and many fast moving lines in European Market, USA, Australia and Canada.

Our customer base includes large Cash & Carry wholesalers across the country, local retailers/ news agencies/ petrol stations, market traders, van salesmen and even ebayers!!

We stock a wide array of branded products. The brand portfolio includes Duracell, Panasonic, Eveready, Samsung, Rizla, Swan, Zig Zag, Clipper, BIC, Gillette, Durex, Colgate, Bob Marley, OCB amongst many others. These are just some of the outstanding brands/products we deal with.

At RKK Enterprise Limited, rest assured, we will provide an unbeatable service to our customers with the most important factors being satisfied those being product, price and quality of service. Our extensive range of products will never fail to cater for any of our customers needs. We always strive to maintain appropriate levels of stock to make sure our customers are never disappointed.

RKK Enterprise has been continuously involved in innovation of new design that offers both functionality and style and also meets changing customer requirements. We offer an exclusive range of smoking sets in variety of designs and patterns.

For any queries, please contact us on +44 0208 571 5610 or

email us at info@rkkenterprise.co.uk